dinsdag 24 mei 2011


Wauw, so I was cellebrating 100 followers and now its 162 !!, how nice is that, thank you for taken interest in my blog.

England was great, the day in london made me 10 year Can you imagen to walk through London with 40 kids age 14 and 15? well I can tell you this you get very, very tired of that, but I loved every minute. What a beautifull country it is, I can now see where the inspiration for the lovely cottage dollshouses comes from.
We where staying in Hastings an visited Cantebury, Battle, Brighton and London. We also visited a school in Brighton, where the kids had to teach eachother english and dutch words en did sports togheter. Of course walked around the white clifs, we were very luckey with the weather it was nice and warm, only a little bit of rain on wednesday. The people in Hastings where very hospitable as the kids where staying at hostfamilies. They all had a very good time at their hostfamilies.

zondag 15 mei 2011

the fair in Zwolle / de beurs in Zwolle

Yesterday I went to a fair close to the place where I live,
and I bought some nice things, most material.

Coming week I will not be around much. I am going to England with my pupils for a week. I will be able to read mail and so on, but no blogging I think. so see you next week.

zaterdag 14 mei 2011

packages are on their way

The giveaway packages are on their way. One goes to the USA the other to Spain.

dinsdag 10 mei 2011

only one winner did claim price until now

I emailed the second winner and no reaction until now,
Please :81 Ertal77 email me with your adres so I can ship your price. If there is no reaction before Friday I will draw a new number . Luckey enough I saved the numbers.

Ik heb nog steeds niets gehoord van de tweede winnaar, als deze niet voor vrijdag reageert zal ik een nieuwe winnaar trekken, gelukkig heb ik alle nummertjes bewaard

zondag 8 mei 2011

The draw is done, De trekking is geweest

There where a total 106 entries, some people entered two times, but only one entrie per person is counted. Thank you all for entering and giving your comment. a welcome to all the new followers, it is great to have you here
So the drawing: I did it the old fashion way, I wrote all numbers on a paper and folded the paper, I did them in a bowl and let my husband pick two out of the bowl, after some husseling He picked the following numbers

And these numbers are from...........
price 1 goes to
77 Plushpussycat zei
Yes, please enter me in your giveaway! Both prizes are beautiful! :-)
price 2 goes to
81 Ertal77 zei
Very creative and beautiful giveaway, please sign me in for it! I'm enjoying your blog a lot.

Concratulations to you both, please send me you adresses so I can ship the presents to you as soon as possible

Give away contest closed / giveaway inschrijving gesloten

within a few hours I will announce the winners
binnen een paar uur zal ik de winnaars bekend maken
Happy Mothersday for all

vrijdag 6 mei 2011

The second gift

First of all a warm welcome to all the new followers, thank you for taking interest in my blog
I have updated the post below with a picture of the second gift, so scroll down to see what it is.

Allereerst een hartelijk welkom aan alle nieuwe volgers, bedankt voor de interesse in mijn blog
Ik heb de post hieronder ge-update met een foto van het tweede kado, dus scroll even naar beneden om te zien wat het is.

woensdag 4 mei 2011

Van alles wat, This and that

Yesterday my friend Sjoukje was here and she brought me this lovely lavender pillow

We made peonies and I went on with when she was gone, this is the result

and yesterday evening and this morning I made 3 pair of shoes. It is fantastic to have a few days of from work!