vrijdag 24 juni 2011

New things

Tuesday I crafted together with Sjoukje and we made the little redwagon from 1-Inchminiatures by Kris It was far more small than we thought, so it was a little bit trickey, but I managed to get it done, except for the flowers later on I made a bigger one as a toy for the little dollshouse kids. you will see them both below
some time ago I made another hydrangea I didn't show, so here is a picture of the flower, in the garden they are just are starting to blossom so this is a good time to show.

maison Du Bonheur: made a bed

maison Du Bonheur: made a bed: "Finaly I made something to go in the French house, it is a childsbed, I have to make bedding and varnish the bed, but I wanted to show, so ..."

vrijdag 17 juni 2011


Some time ago Jollie A littlemore minies and I decided to make a swap and wednesday it arrived overhere, I was very occupied for my work so I didn't have time to post the picture, but here it is
A lovely pink bag, a shabby basket with flowers and a magazin and a ottoman. I will keep them to go into my French house.
Jollie again thankyou very much
There is to much wind to make the picture outside, so the colors of the picture are not that good, in real it is much more beautiful.

dinsdag 7 juni 2011

1:24 chair

This morning Sjoukje and I made a 1:24 chair. I made mine for the Nella dolls, Sjoukje made it to go in the house of Beertje

mijn stoel/My chair

De stoel van Sjoukje / Sjoukjes chair

samen op de foto / together at the picture
Menino en Beertje zijn erg blij met het resultaat.
Menino and Beertje are very happy with the result.

I made some new flowers also, but don't have a picture yet, maybe I will show them tomorrow

donderdag 2 juni 2011

nieuwe aanwinst

Nella, the maker of the little dolls, (see posts below) has a sale at her blog, so I bought 2 of them, aren't they a sweet couple. I only have to think names for them, anyone an idea? As a teacher I have to learn 60 new names each year, and a lot of names are associated with pupils, so that makes it difficult to give them a special name.
They have their names, the boy is Menino and the girl menina, that is boy and girl in portugese

Nella de maker van de kleine popjes (zie posts hieronder) heeft uitverkoop van haar popjes op haar blog, dus heb ik er 2 gekocht, is het geen schattig paar. Ik moet alleen nog namen bedenken, iemand een idee? Als docent moet ik ieder jaar 60 nieuwe namen leren en veel namen associeer ik met leerlingen, dus dat maakt het moeilijk voor mij om deze popjes een speciale naam te geven.
Ze hebben een naam het jongetje heet Menino en het meisje Menina, dat is jongen en meisje in het portugees