zaterdag 31 december 2011

grrrr Blogger

Hello you all, I wanted to chance my blog template, and I have software to do that, but now Blogger won't let me upload the template and distuberbs everything, I made so lovely, so for now you have to do it with this, i will work on it this week, but for now I will leave it like this. I wish you all the very best for 2012

vrijdag 23 december 2011

just before Christmas update

I have a lot to show, but I didn't make pictures of everything yet, but for now there will be some pictures. First of all I want to welcome my new followers, I hope you stay around and give me some feedback so now and than I would like that. The first things I like to show you are some new knitted dolls I bought from Nella. a boy and a girl with dark skin (hmm why would that be) and inspired bij the mouse mansion book, two little mice. the pictures don't do them justice they are so cute.The little bear was a present
I made some christmas decorations, some are from last year
I got a Christmascard from jollie with this beautiful wreath
and this is my christmastree
I am wishing you al very a blessed Christmas and Newyear

zondag 11 december 2011

some more minies to show

Some time ago, I went to Sjoukje to craft together, because it was the 6th of december I brought her some presents. you can see the picture below.The little bear is just being curious after the presents, its Sjoukjes little bear.
I made this little house as an example for the house I gave to Sjoukje
We where not very inspired to craft at the quarterscale house we are doing, so we chatted a lot and just made a few simple things, we made a purse of a paperclip and a waterpitcher. The minies on the left are mine the others are Sjoukjes. the little bear is from Sjoukje Sjoukje also made the pictures

dinsdag 6 december 2011

Saint Nicolas swap /Sinterklaas swap

In the Netherlands we celebrate the birthday of Saint Nicolas at the 5 th of december, and we give eachother presents. At poppenhuiskladblog we had a sintswap and I got my presents this evening. Beforer you don't know who gives you the presents, only afterwards you are getting to know, so that you can give thanks to the one who made your gifts. This is what I got from margriet
Margriet made the candle sconces using the tutorial of
The package
4 little presents
3 beautiful pillows and a crown
These beautiful wall candleholders

lots of presents

A while ago, Jolie from a little more minies was visiting the Netherlands, we wanted to meet at my house, but I we had to cancel the apointment because I had to work. Jolie promissed me a present and she sent it to me after she went home, this is what I got, it is so beautiful made.
Jolie again thankyou very much