zaterdag 31 december 2011

grrrr Blogger

Hello you all, I wanted to chance my blog template, and I have software to do that, but now Blogger won't let me upload the template and distuberbs everything, I made so lovely, so for now you have to do it with this, i will work on it this week, but for now I will leave it like this. I wish you all the very best for 2012

vrijdag 23 december 2011

just before Christmas update

I have a lot to show, but I didn't make pictures of everything yet, but for now there will be some pictures. First of all I want to welcome my new followers, I hope you stay around and give me some feedback so now and than I would like that. The first things I like to show you are some new knitted dolls I bought from Nella. a boy and a girl with dark skin (hmm why would that be) and inspired bij the mouse mansion book, two little mice. the pictures don't do them justice they are so cute.The little bear was a present
I made some christmas decorations, some are from last year
I got a Christmascard from jollie with this beautiful wreath
and this is my christmastree
I am wishing you al very a blessed Christmas and Newyear

zondag 11 december 2011

some more minies to show

Some time ago, I went to Sjoukje to craft together, because it was the 6th of december I brought her some presents. you can see the picture below.The little bear is just being curious after the presents, its Sjoukjes little bear.
I made this little house as an example for the house I gave to Sjoukje
We where not very inspired to craft at the quarterscale house we are doing, so we chatted a lot and just made a few simple things, we made a purse of a paperclip and a waterpitcher. The minies on the left are mine the others are Sjoukjes. the little bear is from Sjoukje Sjoukje also made the pictures

dinsdag 6 december 2011

Saint Nicolas swap /Sinterklaas swap

In the Netherlands we celebrate the birthday of Saint Nicolas at the 5 th of december, and we give eachother presents. At poppenhuiskladblog we had a sintswap and I got my presents this evening. Beforer you don't know who gives you the presents, only afterwards you are getting to know, so that you can give thanks to the one who made your gifts. This is what I got from margriet
Margriet made the candle sconces using the tutorial of
The package
4 little presents
3 beautiful pillows and a crown
These beautiful wall candleholders

lots of presents

A while ago, Jolie from a little more minies was visiting the Netherlands, we wanted to meet at my house, but I we had to cancel the apointment because I had to work. Jolie promissed me a present and she sent it to me after she went home, this is what I got, it is so beautiful made.
Jolie again thankyou very much

maandag 21 november 2011

Better late than never

First of all I need to apologize to the ladies, that I promised a present. The envelops are just posted today and I have absolutly no excuse for posting them so late. They where on my desk all the the time, I just forget to take them to the postoffice when I went to the shoppingcenter. I am so sorry for keeping you all waiting for so long but the gifts are on their way, keep watching your postbox.

Since my last post, I reached the number of 200 followers, so a warm welcome to all my new readers, I am trying to keep up blogging every week, but I don't always succeed to do so. I hope you will forgive me.

27 of oktober I went to the big international dollshouse fair in Arnhem, it was a real joy of meeting people I know for long and people I only knew from internet. And ofcourse I did some shopping this is what I bought.

I bought a quarter scale house from Petitepropperties and two books to make quarte scale furniture and I made my first quarter scale cupboard
I have some more things to show you but I save that for my next post.

donderdag 20 oktober 2011

Waiting for adres

Please winners have some patience, because I dont have the adresses of the two winners yet. As soon I have their adres, I will send out your envelopes.
Have a good day greetings Klara

The envelopes will be sent out on saturday!

zondag 9 oktober 2011


Hello you there, finaly I was able to do the draw for the give-away and here are the results, yes you read that, results. I did do two draws at the random counter at my phone.
the first one is
and the second one is
Please ladies send me you adresses and I will send you the surprise. I have to say only the first one is selfmade the other one is not a selfmade miniature.

and this is not all: Maria ireland, Mona and Rosa Margerita also can send me their adres, because I have a teeny weeny little surpise for them too. It is so much fun giving things away.

donderdag 6 oktober 2011

I am sorry

I am sorry for not having done the drawing, but I am ill at the moment, so please have some patience, I will be back ver soon

zondag 2 oktober 2011

my secret surprise

hello You all, readers and followers of my blog, I had a wonderful birthday yesterday, I got a lot of presents. First of all I will Thank every one for their birthday wishes and reveal my secret surprise. I was thinking about doing a give away, because I almost have 200 followers, but than I read at someones blog about having a lot of people commenting at a giveaway only to be in the draw. and so on.
It is not that I don't understand the people. Because I do, if you follow a lot of blogs, you can not give comment on each blog, but I just wanted to do it different, and for myself I didn't enter any give-away draws after that. And from now on I will only enter if I know I will really follow that blog and give comments.

That is why I want to reward those people who actually reading my blog and give comments.
So here it is I will go back 10 posts and everyone that gave comment at the posts after that until my post yesterday, will be in the draw for the give-away. I will put up a list here so you can see.
What it will be I don't know yet, have to think about it

from the dutch poppenhuiskladblog they had a meeting day yesterday, which I could not join of course, but they gave me some presents though
At the left a kit to make poppies from Hanny, in the middle a french styled coatsrack with the Eifeltower on top from Margriet at the right the nautical themed pillows from Sjoukje, and in front of the pariscard you see the little doll from Nella, very, very small.
Close-up of the little doll

Sjouke came to my house in the evening and gave me another little present
A servingtray, a kitchenpaper roll (yes it is pink!) wit a little napkinholder with tiny napkins, some nice little pillows (you can use them t o make little mini pillows) and some nice material.
And I got the book the Mouse Mansion from a very dear friend. This is a very lovely book with beautiful pictures, it is translated in english and french go take a look at he authors blog
this is the list with names, tomorrow I will do the draw

zaterdag 1 oktober 2011

dinsdag 27 september 2011

craft morning

This morning I went to Sjoukje and we crafted together. we made a tray with different colours of veneer to look like marquetry, actually I cheated a little bit I thought the Ivy was not dark enough so I made them a little bit more dark. I will do it over another time because it didn't turn out the way I wanted, but for now you have to do it with this one. It need a seccond coat of varnish as you can see. The one with Ivy is mine the other one is made by Sjoukje

zaterdag 17 september 2011

maison Du Bonheur: 2 chairs and a table

maison Du Bonheur: 2 chairs and a table: Last week I went to a workshop to make 2 chairs. Loes Snoodijk de lady who gave the workshop is a excellent teacher. she also gave us a wor...

vrijdag 16 september 2011

A picture doesn't do justice to this

Look the give away I won at Cristal's design finaly arived. Remember my post about the lost packages? Sharon who is a Igma artisian made a new babyoutfit and sent it to me. When I came home wednesday I found a parcel in my postbox. When I openend the package I was so trilled. It ia absolutely the most beautifull knitting I have ever seen. A picture realy doesn't do justice to the beauty. Again thankyou very much Sharon.

maandag 12 september 2011

Te koop

I will do this post in dutch because it is open for dutch readers only sorry. I am selling miniatures, that I took from brazil, but if I have to sent them abroad, it will cost to much so that is why.
Ik heb nog wat miniaturen over van de verkoop op de beurs in Vaassen en aangezien er nog wat vraag naar is, post ik hier de gegevens.
Ik verkoop deze miniaturen uit Brazilie, voor mijn dochter, die daar werkt onder de armsten van de armsten. dus het is voor een goed doel Verder heb ik ook nog waxdraad, kant en allerlei ander klein spul te koop. ook houd ik opruiming van materialen en miniaturen die ik zelf over heb, 100% van de opbrengst gaat naar brazilie. de inkoop is voor mijn aandeel.
de stofknopen (voor bijv. aga of blikken) heb ik in 3 maten
witte wijn uitverkocht.
pindakaas en honing uitverkocht
Heineken bier uitverkocht

niet op de foto nog wel in voorraad Malibu en jam in 2 soorten, aardbeien en druiven
verder nog van alles in voorraad.
Alle flesjes, behalve de blauwe champagne zijn € 1.50 alle potjes en de blauwe champagne zijn 1 euro. klossen waxdraad: naturel (lichtbruin) heel donkerbruin en wit 1 0 euro.
Per meter meerdere kleuren nog op voorraad 0.25 per meter.
Bordjes en glazen € 0.50 vol glaasje bier 0.75.
Dingetjes om stofknopen mee te maken voor agacookers en potten en pannen in 3 maten 10 stuks voor 2 euro.

woensdag 7 september 2011

Summerswap Zomerswap

Bij het poppenhuis kladblog werd een zomerswap gehouden, waar ik aan mee heb gedaan. Van Trudy kreeg ik dit allerliefste serviesje, het is zo schattig en klein. Trudy heel hartelijk bedankt At poppenhuiskladblog we had a summerswap wich I entered. I got this beautifull little teaset, it is so sweet and petite, Truy thank you so much
Ik had Thea als swappartener en voor haar nam ik het volgende mee I had Thea as swappartner and this is what I took for her from Brasil

zaterdag 27 augustus 2011

a package arrived

When I was away visiting my daughter in brazil. I got a message from Terry, that I won one of her give aways. I asked her to not sent the package before I got home and so she did. Yesterday I could get the package at the postoffice. Oh wat a surpise it is so beautiful made.
I got a basketbottle italian wine with glasses and a astray with cigarettes and a deck of cards to play carte genovesi. there even is a explanation about the game. Thank you very much Terry! it is beautiful
this is an overvieuw of the presents, even the box was very pretty as you can see
closeup of the bottle and glasses
close up of the deck of cards, I didn't get them out of the package, becaus I am afraid, they get lost before I use them in a scene

zondag 21 augustus 2011

posted a tutorial

Today I recovered the tutorial from my old webpage. it is a simple way of making a wicker chair, also very easy to use for smaller scales. I made it years ago, but my website is not in use anymore, so I thought of posting it over here. I also have it in dutch and will post that one later. You can find the tutorial if you poke the button that says tutorials.
Also want to say welcome to my new followers, Thank you for taking interest in my blog

dinsdag 16 augustus 2011

a bucket and a kettle

This Morning I went to Sjoukje (Maisson du pompier)to do some crafts together, we made a bucket (that was the easy part) after that we made a kettle this was a little bit more work, I have to paint the knob and part of the handle of the kettle,. After that I will make it look more old. The bucket and the kettle at the right are mine
foto Sjoukje

maandag 15 augustus 2011

quilt is ready

My quilt is ready, it is not totally perfect, but I like it, the quilting I did with the sewing machine and not by hand, the rest is all made by hand.

zaterdag 13 augustus 2011

do you remember?

Do you remember my post about two packages that I expected and didn't come? Well it seems that a complete container with post is missing in South Africa and guess what, my packages where in it!! how weird is that. Both packages contained miniature dolls, so I hope someone is very happy with them. These kind ladies offered to sent me a new package so I have something to look foward again.
this weekend I will show you my quilt, it is not ready yet, but I am getting there.

donderdag 21 juli 2011

some work

Here is the little bear I made, I gave him some temporary eyes. At home I wil give him new ones. I also tried to make a lttle sheep . Tilda style . I am not satisfied how he looks , but for a first try, it is not to bad. I had a lot of trouble to get the picture uploaded, when I am at home, I will upload a better one, this one is taken with my phone and not the best quality

dinsdag 19 juli 2011


Woh I have had a lot of new followers lately, welcome to you all that take interest in my blog, I am with my daughter at the moment and we had very bad internet, but for now the problems seem to be solved. I just cellebrated my 100 followers and now I am almost reaching 200 I must start thinking how to cellebrate that point. I have no miniatures to show at the moment, I have made a miniature bear, but I don't have eyes for the poor bear so he has to stay blind until I come home.

zondag 17 juli 2011

Post Created 17 jul. 2011 10:02:07

Ingrid van mijndroomwereldje heeft nu 400 volgers en geeft een Give Away
ga snel kijken en doe mee!
Ingrid of my dream world has 400 followers and provides a Giveaway
Go take a look and join us!

zaterdag 16 juli 2011

I am sad

I am sad, because I would have liked that I could post a picture of the giveaway I won in
May. It was a beautiful babyoutfit , but the package still is't arived yet, as I am waiting on a other package from the same country, sent at the same time I have stil hope that it comes, but I feel so sorry for Sharon de Vries of Chrystel designs http://chrysteldesigns.blogspot. com. Take a look at her beautiful designs

vrijdag 24 juni 2011

New things

Tuesday I crafted together with Sjoukje and we made the little redwagon from 1-Inchminiatures by Kris It was far more small than we thought, so it was a little bit trickey, but I managed to get it done, except for the flowers later on I made a bigger one as a toy for the little dollshouse kids. you will see them both below
some time ago I made another hydrangea I didn't show, so here is a picture of the flower, in the garden they are just are starting to blossom so this is a good time to show.

maison Du Bonheur: made a bed

maison Du Bonheur: made a bed: "Finaly I made something to go in the French house, it is a childsbed, I have to make bedding and varnish the bed, but I wanted to show, so ..."

vrijdag 17 juni 2011


Some time ago Jollie A littlemore minies and I decided to make a swap and wednesday it arrived overhere, I was very occupied for my work so I didn't have time to post the picture, but here it is
A lovely pink bag, a shabby basket with flowers and a magazin and a ottoman. I will keep them to go into my French house.
Jollie again thankyou very much
There is to much wind to make the picture outside, so the colors of the picture are not that good, in real it is much more beautiful.

dinsdag 7 juni 2011

1:24 chair

This morning Sjoukje and I made a 1:24 chair. I made mine for the Nella dolls, Sjoukje made it to go in the house of Beertje

mijn stoel/My chair

De stoel van Sjoukje / Sjoukjes chair

samen op de foto / together at the picture
Menino en Beertje zijn erg blij met het resultaat.
Menino and Beertje are very happy with the result.

I made some new flowers also, but don't have a picture yet, maybe I will show them tomorrow