miniature wickerchair made easy

klara Meijer©
I designed this chair and invented the methode years ago, the tutorial was at my old webpage If you are going to use the workshop or place link tot it, please let me know by sending me an email.
Thank you very much

materials to use

heavy cardstock
tackey glue
textile stiffener:like Pretex, paverpoll or polytex
shiny chrochet cotton
a loom needle


Take a piece off heavy cardstock (20 by 20 cm)and make marks on each opposite side every 1/2 cm. cut these marks 1 cm deep. Glue the workchart on this cardstock Take your chrotchet yarn and make the vertical lines as you can see on the picture. There must be 36 threads in total. Now we can start to weef. At the workchart you can see that the underside is done in one piece, the back, the sitting part and the armparts are done seperate . The back and the sittingpart are done over 10 threads and the armparts over 8 threads When you take a new thread, just leave the old thread and start with the new one. To form the sittingpart make the last rounds a bit faster. Try to keep the weefing a bit loose for the loom effect.

When all the part are done, put some alluminiumfoil under your work
Take your brush and apply the fabricstiffener
(see the pictures)

When the fabricstiffener is dry, You can use a hairdryer, cut the threads and apply the fabricstiffener at the back side, then let dry. Dont worry about the colour, after 24 hours when it is completely dry you will not see the stiffener anymore. You can cut the loose ends now and you can form the chair. First we make the folds where they suppose to be. Doesn't it fit well, just cut were needed. Glue the seat tot the armpart, let dry. Take your hairblower and warm the armparts, you can roll the armpart down now. gue in place. Take a piece of ribbon or make a braight and glue this along the backside and glue the back against the armparts

make some chairleggs from coctailsticks wind some thread around it and glue in place..


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Chris P's Minis and More zei

I wish your pictures were bigger. very nice tut!

klara zei

Yes that is a problem, because they where imported from the old webpage, I don't have the originals anymore

PAKY zei

Thank you very much Klara, is a great tutorial!! hugs

Sjoukje zei

Leuk stoeltje Klara. Misschien kunnen we die ook eens samen maken.