zaterdag 27 augustus 2011

a package arrived

When I was away visiting my daughter in brazil. I got a message from Terry, that I won one of her give aways. I asked her to not sent the package before I got home and so she did. Yesterday I could get the package at the postoffice. Oh wat a surpise it is so beautiful made.
I got a basketbottle italian wine with glasses and a astray with cigarettes and a deck of cards to play carte genovesi. there even is a explanation about the game. Thank you very much Terry! it is beautiful
this is an overvieuw of the presents, even the box was very pretty as you can see
closeup of the bottle and glasses
close up of the deck of cards, I didn't get them out of the package, becaus I am afraid, they get lost before I use them in a scene

zondag 21 augustus 2011

posted a tutorial

Today I recovered the tutorial from my old webpage. it is a simple way of making a wicker chair, also very easy to use for smaller scales. I made it years ago, but my website is not in use anymore, so I thought of posting it over here. I also have it in dutch and will post that one later. You can find the tutorial if you poke the button that says tutorials.
Also want to say welcome to my new followers, Thank you for taking interest in my blog

dinsdag 16 augustus 2011

a bucket and a kettle

This Morning I went to Sjoukje (Maisson du pompier)to do some crafts together, we made a bucket (that was the easy part) after that we made a kettle this was a little bit more work, I have to paint the knob and part of the handle of the kettle,. After that I will make it look more old. The bucket and the kettle at the right are mine
foto Sjoukje

maandag 15 augustus 2011

quilt is ready

My quilt is ready, it is not totally perfect, but I like it, the quilting I did with the sewing machine and not by hand, the rest is all made by hand.

zaterdag 13 augustus 2011

do you remember?

Do you remember my post about two packages that I expected and didn't come? Well it seems that a complete container with post is missing in South Africa and guess what, my packages where in it!! how weird is that. Both packages contained miniature dolls, so I hope someone is very happy with them. These kind ladies offered to sent me a new package so I have something to look foward again.
this weekend I will show you my quilt, it is not ready yet, but I am getting there.