donderdag 20 oktober 2011

Waiting for adres

Please winners have some patience, because I dont have the adresses of the two winners yet. As soon I have their adres, I will send out your envelopes.
Have a good day greetings Klara

The envelopes will be sent out on saturday!

zondag 9 oktober 2011


Hello you there, finaly I was able to do the draw for the give-away and here are the results, yes you read that, results. I did do two draws at the random counter at my phone.
the first one is
and the second one is
Please ladies send me you adresses and I will send you the surprise. I have to say only the first one is selfmade the other one is not a selfmade miniature.

and this is not all: Maria ireland, Mona and Rosa Margerita also can send me their adres, because I have a teeny weeny little surpise for them too. It is so much fun giving things away.

donderdag 6 oktober 2011

I am sorry

I am sorry for not having done the drawing, but I am ill at the moment, so please have some patience, I will be back ver soon

zondag 2 oktober 2011

my secret surprise

hello You all, readers and followers of my blog, I had a wonderful birthday yesterday, I got a lot of presents. First of all I will Thank every one for their birthday wishes and reveal my secret surprise. I was thinking about doing a give away, because I almost have 200 followers, but than I read at someones blog about having a lot of people commenting at a giveaway only to be in the draw. and so on.
It is not that I don't understand the people. Because I do, if you follow a lot of blogs, you can not give comment on each blog, but I just wanted to do it different, and for myself I didn't enter any give-away draws after that. And from now on I will only enter if I know I will really follow that blog and give comments.

That is why I want to reward those people who actually reading my blog and give comments.
So here it is I will go back 10 posts and everyone that gave comment at the posts after that until my post yesterday, will be in the draw for the give-away. I will put up a list here so you can see.
What it will be I don't know yet, have to think about it

from the dutch poppenhuiskladblog they had a meeting day yesterday, which I could not join of course, but they gave me some presents though
At the left a kit to make poppies from Hanny, in the middle a french styled coatsrack with the Eifeltower on top from Margriet at the right the nautical themed pillows from Sjoukje, and in front of the pariscard you see the little doll from Nella, very, very small.
Close-up of the little doll

Sjouke came to my house in the evening and gave me another little present
A servingtray, a kitchenpaper roll (yes it is pink!) wit a little napkinholder with tiny napkins, some nice little pillows (you can use them t o make little mini pillows) and some nice material.
And I got the book the Mouse Mansion from a very dear friend. This is a very lovely book with beautiful pictures, it is translated in english and french go take a look at he authors blog
this is the list with names, tomorrow I will do the draw

zaterdag 1 oktober 2011