donderdag 21 juli 2011

some work

Here is the little bear I made, I gave him some temporary eyes. At home I wil give him new ones. I also tried to make a lttle sheep . Tilda style . I am not satisfied how he looks , but for a first try, it is not to bad. I had a lot of trouble to get the picture uploaded, when I am at home, I will upload a better one, this one is taken with my phone and not the best quality

dinsdag 19 juli 2011


Woh I have had a lot of new followers lately, welcome to you all that take interest in my blog, I am with my daughter at the moment and we had very bad internet, but for now the problems seem to be solved. I just cellebrated my 100 followers and now I am almost reaching 200 I must start thinking how to cellebrate that point. I have no miniatures to show at the moment, I have made a miniature bear, but I don't have eyes for the poor bear so he has to stay blind until I come home.

zondag 17 juli 2011

Post Created 17 jul. 2011 10:02:07

Ingrid van mijndroomwereldje heeft nu 400 volgers en geeft een Give Away
ga snel kijken en doe mee!
Ingrid of my dream world has 400 followers and provides a Giveaway
Go take a look and join us!

zaterdag 16 juli 2011

I am sad

I am sad, because I would have liked that I could post a picture of the giveaway I won in
May. It was a beautiful babyoutfit , but the package still is't arived yet, as I am waiting on a other package from the same country, sent at the same time I have stil hope that it comes, but I feel so sorry for Sharon de Vries of Chrystel designs http://chrysteldesigns.blogspot. com. Take a look at her beautiful designs