zaterdag 21 januari 2012

maison Du Bonheur: Shabby chic trunk / Brocante hutkoffer

Go take a look at MaisonDu Bonheur, I posted some pictures overthere

maison Du Bonheur: Shabby chic trunk / Brocante hutkoffer: I was at Sjoukje's place this week and we started, the shabby chic trunk, a workshop from Sylvia When I left, it was not ready at all, but ...

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zondag 15 januari 2012

new things

a message of mother nature telling us spring is on its way, little snowdrops and the Helleborus, or Christmasrose as we say is a flower I like so much, it doesn't care for cold or snow, it just blooms in the worst circumstances

I have been creating some miniatures with polymere clay as you can see, the teapots are all hollow and the lids can be removed the 3 jugs need a label but I have to make that, I made a lot of little bottles and things for the bathroom, but I have to make labels for them too, soo I didn't make a picture yet
I made two little dragons and gave them to Sjoukje

Last Saturday I went to a fair toghether with Sjoukje It was a small fair, but very crowdy and I bought some nice things.

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donderdag 5 januari 2012

I updated the text of the post below, because there was some information lost during the work on the template, but I also fixed that, although not all the way I wanted, but at least I have the menu buttons back. How do you like this design? and what lettertype do you see, because it has to be cursive,but my Safari browser doesn't show, Firefox works okay.

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dinsdag 3 januari 2012

Daily bread?

Sjoukje was here this morning and we made some bread, as a tryout of the fimoworkshop I gave this evening at the dutch dollshouseforum this is my bread I will make a page with the breadworkshop one of these days and put this at my blog, so you al can bake your daily bread lol
I also have to show you my birdcage a made some time ago, it is made of paper.I bought a Cricutmachine some time ago and I am experimenten how to use this for miniatures, this is one of the results. it is a little bit crooked, but I know how to fix that another time, for this old cage it is okay to be crooked. lol
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zondag 1 januari 2012

Thank you

thanks all off you for your wishes, as you can see I made some progress on my template, but it is still not what I wanted, but at least the links are working. Will be working on it, because I cannot stand the fact it doesn't want to do what I want. lol
This year in december it will be my 5 year bloganniversary and I intend to do some special things to celebrate.
the pictures of the medinella, are from my old website I thought of showing some of the old pictures. The pictures are not the best quality, I took them with one of the first digital camera years ago, but I hope you like them

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