donderdag 21 juli 2011

some work

Here is the little bear I made, I gave him some temporary eyes. At home I wil give him new ones. I also tried to make a lttle sheep . Tilda style . I am not satisfied how he looks , but for a first try, it is not to bad. I had a lot of trouble to get the picture uploaded, when I am at home, I will upload a better one, this one is taken with my phone and not the best quality

3 opmerkingen:

Plushpussycat zei

Fun Klara! I would love to hear how you made such cute critters and see more pictures too!

klara zei

I will tell you in a mail how I made the little sheep and show more pictures when I am at home. It is rather simple to make.

Jollie zei

Ze zijn erg schattig geworden! :-)

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