zondag 15 januari 2012

new things

a message of mother nature telling us spring is on its way, little snowdrops and the Helleborus, or Christmasrose as we say is a flower I like so much, it doesn't care for cold or snow, it just blooms in the worst circumstances

I have been creating some miniatures with polymere clay as you can see, the teapots are all hollow and the lids can be removed the 3 jugs need a label but I have to make that, I made a lot of little bottles and things for the bathroom, but I have to make labels for them too, soo I didn't make a picture yet
I made two little dragons and gave them to Sjoukje

Last Saturday I went to a fair toghether with Sjoukje It was a small fair, but very crowdy and I bought some nice things.

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7 opmerkingen:

CARMEN (Hadanet) zei

Preciosos los botecitos y los dragones son monisimos!!!
Muy buenas compras!!!! la de cosas que vas hacer con ellas jaja.

Fabiola zei

Your creations are amazing!
Bye Faby

Brandy Rose zei

The little dragons are sooooo cool!

BiWuBär zei

So beautiful - and I already admired your dragons at Sjoukje's blog, but I'm not able to leave a comment on her blog at the moment... *sigh* I hope blogger solves these problems soon...


Mona zei

You made wonderful minis. The flowers are beautiful, around our house it`s snow ;)

Jean Day zei

Love your polymer teapots and dragons.

Ilonka zei

Wat een prachtige creaties staan erop je blog, ik heb me gelijk als volgster aangemeld.

Groetjes Ilonka