dinsdag 1 mei 2012

meet Appleblossom

Hello, I finally finished something, meet Apple blossom a sweet little rabbit. I really like apple blossom, it is a pity the tree does bloom so short. I have a little apple tree in my garden, only we forgot to trim the stalks this year, so we don't have much blossoms, but when I saw the blossom I knew this rabbit would be called Apple blossom

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7 opmerkingen:

BiWuBär zei

That name fits that little bunny - she's as beautiful as a blooming apple tree!


Craftland zei

The little rabbit do you make is so cute. I love the name.
Hugs from Craftland

Fabiola zei

Apple is adorable.
Bye Fay

Danilo Sergio Pallar Lemos zei

Lindíssimo o seu blog, estarei seguindo.

Plushpussycat zei

Apple Blossom is sooooo adorable! How is your recuperating coming along, Klara! I hope warm weather and a feeling of vibrancy come your way! :-) Jennifer

CARMEN (Hadanet) zei

Simpatico nombre para tan lindo conijito!!!
Me encanta!!

Rosamargarita zei

Oh Klara, es una coneja muy linda.
Un abrazo