zondag 9 mei 2010

nieuwe miniaturen gemaakt/ made some new miniatures

First of all I want to welcome all the new followers of this blog
This week I planned to do a lot of crafting, because I didn't need to go to work, but as so many times, there where lot of other things to do as you could read in de message below, but I did something and I will show it to you. Because we are living in a summerhouse until we can move to our new home, I don't have an oven or something like that and I love working with fimo, but I dont have it with me, it is in the container at the movingcompany with al the other stuff of the old house. I took some cold porcelein that was for years in my fridge and never used, so I thought on trying that to make some cookies and cupcakes. I am not completely satified with them, but alá they look like cookies. The cupcakes could use some whipcream, but I didn't have material to make it, so that has to wait. I also made some macarons for the french house. I also made some flowers the week before that, and in a online workshop at het poppenhuis forum I made some iceskates or friese doorlopers as we call them. The workshop was given by Nicolien
The Sunflowers where a kit of Ria van de Kant
these are perfect complete kits

The skates and some baskets I made

The litle vase with the peonies are for the french house

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