zaterdag 18 februari 2012

again a top 10

Again a top 10 of things I found browsing
I dont know if you follow my Maison du Bonheur, but I posted my progress on the French house overthere, if you have not seen it overthere, please go take and look
some very nive tutorials
just look it it very nice.
not mini, but it could be!
Just look and learn, beautiful miniwork in Progress
tutorial on making a shabbydoor
more crochetpatterns for free, who doesn'nt wnat this cute paddington?
just to give you some inspiration.
how to make hinges
again Look and learn, fantastic miniwork
great miniature tutorials of all kind

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3 opmerkingen:

Eliana zei

Thank you for sharing these great finds. ;)

Maria Ireland zei

Thank you Klara for all the wonderful links.
Hugs Maria

carmen zei

el tpo 10 es muy bueno, gracias