zaterdag 4 februari 2012

new things

At the dutch forum I am participating a yearswap, every month one of the members has to make something to sent to the other members. January was the month Cassandra had to make the swap, I got this beautiful tray.
At the fair in Urk I bought a workshop for a daybed, I made it last weekend. I only made an other mattress.
At the Dutch forum we had a workshop everyday before Christmas, the little book I liked very much, but something went wrong everytime I tried, I even cut my finger very badly, mind you by only cutting paper. But at the end I had some succes and finished the book.
And yes I finished to make the windowpanes for the French house and I am very proud of that, sorry no picture yet, you have to believe for that. but this means I can go on with the house that is waiting for so long to get finished. Image Hosted by

6 opmerkingen:

Teruka zei

Beauty miniatures!

Flor zei

¡Que precioso todo Klara!!!
Un abrazo

Flor zei

¡Hola Klara!!!
Ayer se me paso agregar el reconocimiento por tu hermosa maleta ¡Disculpa!! Pero ya esta ( ;
Un abrazo

BiWuBär zei

It really doesn't surprise me you've cut yourself while doing the cutting out for this teeny tiny book (Hope the cut wasn't too deep, btw). But what a fantastic job! And the other miniatures you've shown are lovely, too.


Fabiola zei

The book is fantastic!
Bye Faby

klara zei

Flor thankyou for putting the thanks at your blog,
Biwubär, in fact it was a very deep cut, and bleeding very bad, but it is recovered now.