woensdag 28 maart 2012

some good news and some bad news

I will start with the bad news, Yesterday before I went to work I wanted to do some shopping in Elburg, while crossing the street I fell down on the street, because they had changed the streetstones and I didn't notice the ridge they made. I fell down on my knees and my face, pff was I feeling stupid. One of the shopkeepers helped me inside and called the cityhall to complain, because she sees people falling everytime. now I can't sit, I can't walk, I can't stand up. pain all over!!

and now the good news, I got a mail last week of they wanted to feature me in an item as best of the web. Now I don't think of myself as best of the web, so I thought they where talking about the Mousemansion, so I mailed back that it was not mine etc. But they came back and said they talked about my own little mice and the wanted to feature my blog. I was very honoured and said yes.
you can see the item overhere,
scroll down a little bit, and don't forget to look at the adorable pink elefants above my item

I didn't know anything about this blog, but they have items about homedecorating and organising you can see here:

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Plushpussycat zei

Hi Klara! Oh, I'm so sorry about your bad news! I hope you heal up quickly and completely! Congratulations on the good news! Your miniatures work is featured on a big blog--woohoo! Enjoy your fame! :-) Jennifer

BiWuBär zei

That's really bad news - best wishes for a very quick recovery. Get well soon! And congrats on the good news, I bet you're beaming with joy and pride!


Maria Ireland zei

So sorry to hear of your accident. I hope you are better soon. Congratulations on your feature.
Hugs Maria

Jazzi zei

So sorry to hear about your fall Klara...take it easy!
Fantastic news tho about the blog feature...well done and may you receive many good things from it. xx

Rosamargarita zei

Me apena mucho lo de tu caída Klara, no tienes por qué sentirte estúpida.
Las buenas noticias son GRANDIOSAS! Disfruta tu éxito, esos ratones lo merecen
Un abrazo

Belloo zei

Hé wat naar, daar kun je de gemeente voor aansprakelijk stellen, in ieder geval vragen of ze dat veranderen! Maar leuke site, en je muizen zijn ook schattig!

Fabiola zei

I'm sorry for your accident. I hope you're better soon.
Congratulations on the good news. You're a talented miniaturist.
Bye Faby

Mieke zei

Tjeetje Klara, wat een vervelende val.Sterkte de komende dagen.
Wel een leuk kadootje dat je een plaatsje hebt gekregen op dat amerikaanse blog.Leuke afleiding.
groetjes Mieke

Nancy zei

Hoi Klara,
Gefeliciteerd met je welverdiende plaatsing op het amerikaanse blog, geweldig! Je muizen zijn schattig. Ik ben ook bezig met zelf een muis maken, op een eigen manier.
Heel veel sterkte met de pijn na je val, het zit je niet mee zeg.
Gr. Nancy

Craftland zei

Hello Klara,
I thought I had already given a comment?!. I wish you a speedy recovery, congratulations on the success and wish you a Happy Easter.