zaterdag 24 maart 2012

A week of surprises

Yes it was a week with a lot of surprises, first of all again I did win one of those lovely little knitted dolls at the poppenhuiskladblog. Jolande en Nella organised a guessinggame for St Patricksday, and I was one of the luckey winners, last year I also win on St patricksday, so Klaviera has some company now.

And at the same day the little doll arived i got a package of Jennifer Plushpussycat, with al kind of nice material. Thankyou very much Jennifer

Because of my injured arm I took some hexagons and I am making a quilt this is what I have for now. nothing more relaxing than making hexagons. lol

And I also want to welcome my new followers, last time I looked was just above 200 and now more than 230, WOW! thank you for taking interest in my blog.

There is something very ecxiting coming this week or the the next week according to my blog, but I can't tell yet, because I hardley can believe it myself. so keep coming!
Have a good weekend

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11 opmerkingen:

Fabiola zei

Beautiful gifts.
Bye Faby

Rosamargarita zei

Regalos hermosos de lindas personas
El quilt es fantástico.
Me apena lo de tu brazo, ojalá mejores.
Felicitaciones por tus seguidores, los mereces
Un abrazo

Plushpussycat zei

Congratulations on your St. Patrick's Day prize! I'm so glad you like the gifts I sent too! Thanks for the link to my blog! :-) I'm very excited about your surprise! I won my very first giveaway about one year ago on your blog--I still cherish your lovely prizes today and always will! :-) Jennifer

Maria Ireland zei

Congratulations on your beautiful gifts. Your quilt looks wonderful.
Hugs Maria

Mona zei

Congratulations on your wonderful gifts!

Aracar zei

Felicidades por los regalos son preciosos y espero que pronto tengas el brazo recuperado del todo. Felicidades por los nuevos seguidores. besos

CARMEN (Hadanet) zei

Felicidades por tan lindos regalos!!!
Te deseo una pronta mejoria de tu brazo!!!

BiWuBär zei

What a fantastic price... and I'm really curious now about the news on your blog - don't let us wait too long...


Craftland zei

Hi Klara, the knitted dolls are so cute. I love it. And your quilt will be fantastic.
Hugs from Craftland

Craftland zei

..... and I forgot, the gift from Plushpussycat is also very beautiful.
Hugs again

Flor zei

Klara ¡Un millón de gracias por el enlace!!!!!
Ya estoy aquí ¡Por fin!!!ÜÜÜ
Que regalos mas preciosos!!
Un abrazo